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Friday, January 2, 2009

happy as she goes

dupa suficient-de-simpaticul the bank job si dezamagitorul how to lose friends and alienate people [simon, you can do so so much better than this! i know you can!], am vazut happy-go-lucky de mike leigh. cineva a twitterit about si mi-am amintit ca-l aveam. in mod normal poppy [sally hawkins] e genul de persoana si de personaj catre care m-as repezi cu o caramida in mana dreapta si cu un topor in stanga. sau viceversa. dar i-am dat o sansa, ca deh, 1 ianuarie, code black, resolutions, well. weirdly enough, filmul mi-a placut, fara sa ma ridice de undeva si fara sa ma optim-izeze - pur si simplu, mi-a placut.

dar si asta m-a facut sa zambesc: like a person who recently changed medication, leigh has turned his traditional frown upside down and radically altered his default worldview from life: "it's a piece of crap, isn't it?" to life: "that would be that bowl of cherries over there, sir". trouble is, as a newcomer to the emotion, mike doesn't seem to have quite got the hang of this happiness business. - john naughton in gq usa, mai 2008.

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